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Bluesky Automotive

Detailing Products

We have the best car detailing products in Australia. Bluesky has a wide range of car cleaning products that will enable you to keep your car sparkling clean. So clean that it will increase its resale value twice over. Our Australian owned and manufactured brands are Omikron and Aussie Gold. They are manufactured in Australia to create jobs in Australia for Australians. Using these products on your car, truck or other vehicles. Will give you the ability to always have your best asset looking like it just came back from the showroom. We deliver these great products to automotive detailers, car washes, car dealers all over the country and they are always coming back. Why, because first of all, we can control our quality, therefore, we can talk to our people. Most importantly, we can talk to you, our customers. To ensure you are receiving consistently great products. The Omikron and Aussie Gold range will not only stand alongside the big U.S. brands. In our opinion, we think it is better suited to the Australian conditions. To give you a finish you will be impressed with every time. We also distribute other products such as Meguiars and 3M to give you a complete solution to your car detailing needs.

Industrial Cleaning Products

In addition to Car Care, Omikron and Aussie Gold have a selection of products to be used in light and heavy industry. The wide range of degreasers is used to keep worksites clean and safe. Degreasers help clean the floors and machines while the hand cleaners and accessories help keep the rest of the site and its employees always looking young and fresh. Our hand cleaners have been heavily tested so they cleaners are hard on the dirt but soft on your skin, keeping it moist and soft.

All Purpose Cleaners

Over the years we have developed great products for your cleaning needs. Initially, these products were for heavy industry but we discovered another market. Our Research and Development team then modified these products to allow them to be used safely in the home. We have a range of general purpose cleaners that you can use safely in your home to give you the show home clean. This site is full of products to keep your home, office, factory and most importantly car clean all year round. Browse through the product range. Customers can order online, through the shopping cart. Otherwise you can Call Us

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    Omikron Products

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